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  • ApolloTheme Ap SuperMarket Shopify Theme 26641 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews
    Version 1.0
  • Latest update November 06 2019
  • Compatible Responsive
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Ap SuperMarket is a modern responsive Shopify theme which is suitable for any e-commerce sites . Moreover, it supports multi-layout ,namely Ap Super motorcycle , Ap Super Bicycle , Ap Super Yacht , Ap Super Jeans hop and Ap Super mobile shop which increase theme choice right for your site. This templates are fully functioned and provides an unlimited style variation. Its design is very creative and professional designed for Car Market , Motorcycle , Bicycle Store, Yacht Store , Fashion Shop, Bag store, Clothes shop, Shoes shop, Accessories fashion shop, Sport store, Swim-outlet shop, Cosmetics Shop . It is extremely suitable with store having huge product range.

The Shopify theme is powered with Ap Framework , one of the best Shopify framework. It is fully responsive,shortcodes and supports both CSS3 and HTML5that help to create refined web pages with semantic accuracy.

The slideshow is the highlight point in homepage all stores in Ap Super Market which is full for window and auto play with large images, title, description and thumbnail images. You can create beautiful and easy to use responsive slider with very interesting transition effects. Additionally, with white unobtrusive background of Ap Super Market you can show your product in all their splendor. It focuses users’ eyes on the most important objects on the page the products that are being offered in slider, on banners and in the content area. Moreover, there is some space for custom blocks above the footer which brings more information and creates trust to customers. We are sure that this will help your buyers spend as much time as they need onsite to make a decision.