An Apollo theme will be brought into being following those professional steps.


    It’s really challenging to accomplish anything without a plan. That is why our strategy and planning department will work together to brainstorm and evaluate different ideas to choose the best and most creative idea which is called the original one. In order to have this original idea , we must list various important questions such as which is important to our customers, what is the different point compared to other themes, and so on.


    Design & development process is the next step. Basing on ideas and topics at strategy & planning step, designers are responsible for creating perfect theme details including colors, images, blocks , layouts and so on. After that, our developers will complete that theme founded on its design details.


    The final step is testing and delivery. Our developers will test carefully to find out any possible bugs to fix. Apollo Manager department then do a final complete check before a theme is released. When there are no more problems, we will deliver this theme as soon as possible.

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