Ap Strollik BigComemrce Theme

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  • ApolloTheme Ap Strollik Bigcommerce Theme 40664 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews
    Version 1.0
  • Latest update September 05 2017
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Ap Strollik is a dedicated Bigcommerce theme to sell one type of product, moreover, a responsive bigcommerce theme for your e-commerce store with basic layout and light animation effects. Our demo site is built to sell Deluxe Travel Cart, you can use it to sell other single product (or product line). The theme includes incredible design concepts to show off your product the smartest way. The 360 Product View transforms your passive product display into an interactive engaging shopping experience to view your product in 360.

Moreover , Ap Strollik was built with the latest bigcommerce stencil Framework. With wonderful features as Swipe, Animations and Slick Slider give the whole theme a smooth sense. You can build your store with different styles and layouts and you can even do it better. The theme has its own theme control panel, the powerful and intuitive control panel has a lot of option for store management and even customize your site withTheme Editor, social advertisement, admin dashboard management.

More than that, BigCommerce become one of the only two e-commerce platforms, which has been integrated to Facebook Checkout (the other one is Shopify). Currently, shopping on Facebook is no different than shopping directly on the e-commerce online stores. It is possible for you to select products, check out, all are done inside of Facebook. And then all of the data always be sent to Dashboard of the BigCommerce online store that puts its products on its Facebook Page, the admin will not have to go to Facebook to deal with transactions made on Facebook. This is a win-win situation to save much time for both sides.

Let experience this wonderful theme to get bigger sales!