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Ap Ozac Shopify Theme

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  • ApolloTheme Ap Ozac Shopify theme 39999 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews
    Version 1.0
  • Latest update September 29 2022
  • Compatible responsive, ...
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Ap Ozac is one stylish and responsive shopify theme with the most outstanding design and amazing functions suitable for any kinds of business stores such as bag shop, shoes store, fashion store, Accessories… When having this theme in hand, customers can display products professionally.

One new thing of the theme in comparison with other released themes by Apollo is versatile layout. Thanks to this function, now the layout becomes more flexible and arrangeable, drag and drop with ease to achieve your endless imagination.

Another update feature of Ap Ozac is Color filter hompage. By creating new design pattern and structure, you are able to select color variants right on the homepage and see it clearly without redirecting any. The result is updated instantly and changed along with the color you are clicking, provide a better visual when shopping online.

Besides, smart shopping cart provides an intuitive way to revise your product purchase with a simple click powered with Ajax, a group of technologies allows you to change product data dynamically without reloading the entire page, which is convenient and time-saving. Thanks to this feature, shop owner can also calculate shipping fee at checkout; thus, customers can be granted with free ship if they purchase with an equal or higher amount stipulated by shop owner. The cart can be viewed globally, leaving the comfort for customers, creating opportunities for raising up the sales.

Last but not least, our Social widgets will help you meet timely demands of the booming development of information technology as well as social networks such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, RSS, youtube, Google Plus… You can like, share and tweet with your preferred social network or refer your information.

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