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    I´m repairing this web page, i would like to recive the doc of this theme that is yours, but the designer argued with the owner and he didn´t leave him the doc.

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      Thank you so much!

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If you are looking for a luxurious and classic online shop, serving ladies and gentlemen, Ap Gentshop should be the first choice.

The multi-purpose shop is highly suitable for selling vests, suits, dresses, hats, shoes and accessories. The layout of the storefront is clear and neat with a full-width slideshow and supported banners, helping you to showcase outstanding products, top trending fashion collections or special discount event.
Gentshop is designed to be perfectly responsive on any devices from PCs, desktops to Tablets or even handy-sized mobile phones. This allows customers to shop wherever, whenever and with whatever devices they have in hand. Moreover, the shop is strongly facilitated optimized tools for running business, such as Quick view, Add to cart, Customers’ review, Variant product options and Product tabs.
Finally, the integrated feature “Email a friend” will be an effective way for merchants to boost the sales. This encourages shoppers to recommend favorite items to their friends since people are more likely to purchase products suggested by their friends or family members. This could help shop owners build a network of close customers.
There are still more things. Are you excited to know? Let’s click Preview Theme to discover this great e-commerce website template

*Note: This template does not qualify for promotions.  The banners in this theme are not included in the template.