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    Version 1.0
  • Latest update June 23 2017
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“A man without a suit is like soshi without rice” – as people say. A suit will complete every man on their road of becoming a gentleman. And a professional website template will complete every Men’s Suit online shop on its road of becoming a successful business.

Without further ado, let us introduce to you a brand new template, Ap Gentshop Store, by Apollotheme. Building on Stencil Framework, the latest and coolest BigCommerce platform. With this Ap Gentshop Store template, you can create an attractive, fully functional website in no time! Effortlessly, you are presented with a smooth, fully responsible and easily customizable website. Integrated with latest technology of Foundation, SCSS, CSS3, HMTL5, Handlebars.js, YAML, Ap Gentshop Store makes your site load faster than ever and your customers will never have to wait to preview the products again! Especially, two menu: the vertical menu and the drop-down horizontal menu that features all the categories, links, and videos you want, will bring you and your customers a brand new experience. Quicksearch is always there on top to save the time of looking for a certain product, after that, if the returning results are still overwhelmed, customers can always use filter to sort out what they want to see, based on filter aspects like color, size, price range. Newsletters bring the store’s news to customers in real time. And all of these brilliant features are not only available to English speaking users, but to international users as well, by app multilanguage that automatically translate your site to the target language of the customers. But for the local customers who want to go to your brick-and-mortar store to feel the suits themselves, the embed Google Maps of your store’s location are always there in the bottom for them.

And this description can’t tell all of the awesomeness of this Ap Gentshop Store because the length would be too much. Why don’t you try it out yourself through this Live Demo? And don’t hesitate to ask us questions via Online Chat or send us email to: [email protected]