Ap Wooden 3Dcart Theme

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    Version 1.0
  • Latest update June 11 2018
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As being inspired by the sophisticated beauty of wooden furniture, we are very pleased to launch our new template named Wooden 3Dcart Theme with its perfect features.

With a 100% full responsiveness, Wooden 3Dcart Theme is totally optimized to fit any screen sizes no matter what kind of devices customers are using. People now can get better access to your store even with smartphone in hand.

One of the most highly-appreciated features of Wooden 3Dcart theme is the Core Templating Engine – a revolutionary new foundation for 3D cart theme. This feature supports developers and users very effectively. The Core Templating Engine works like a set of building blocks for theme development, allowing themes to be built in a modular fashion and expanding the design possibilities at a theme developer’s fingertips.

Besides, we have updated new Theme Editor as a part of the Admin. With this totally new function, you can preset the different theme options that can simply be selected using a drop down. This property tell the editor which preset is to be selected by default when editor loads.

Last but not least, the integrated feature “Email a friend”, Instagram, Twitter will be an effective way for merchants to boost the sales. Thanks to wonderful feature, it will be easier for shop owners to connect to their customers. Also, this encourages shoppers to recommend favorite items to their friends and relatives since people are more likely to purchase products suggested by their friends or family members. This could help shop owners build a network of close customers.

Let come with us and click LIVE DEMO to know more new and attractive features of this wonderful theme. We believe that you will feel satisfied with Ap Wooden.