ForumCategory: AP Fashion Shop PrestashopThe problem with a display images correctly
Apollo Theme Staff asked 8 years ago

<Kamil Wesołowski>
Pre thanks for the free access to your template Prestashop named AP Fashion PrestaShop Template.

There is a nice and interesting, however, encountered a major error for the correct display product images.

Well, I installed the template manually as instructed in your site. I made all the steps correctly, the template works.

However, it has a bug that I will present below. Photos (mainly products) when there are more entries are disturbed as you can see on the screenshot:


What can I do to prevent this?

admin Staff replied 8 years ago

HI mate! that is error of module leocustomajax. you can try reset this module and config it again. please try to send me your website link

Kamil W replied 8 years ago

Hello again.Store Management Panel found in the modules indicated Leo Custom Ajax v1.0 – to LeoTheme and it has reset as directed.However, it did not change anything (probably because he was in the original version).Send a link to my store:

cinta replied 8 years ago

setting Leo Custom Ajax v1.0 >>>>>>>Show Multiple Product Image select NO