ForumCategory: General ErrorInstall theme of prestashop 1.6 manual
Apollo Theme Staff asked 8 years ago

Dear all

This is the guide to install theme of prestashop 1.6 manual
I can make sure 100% success full

1. Unzip zip file of theme
After you download from where you bought
Please find zip file of theme and unzip it
after unzip you will see 1 file : Config.xml and 2 folder themes + modules

2. Upload themes and module to your hosting
you can use ftp client to upload
Please upload all module in folder modules to modules folder in your site
and theme in folder themes in your site

3. Upload Config.xml and rename to theme name

4. Access Prefences > themes and install
install theme

bordik replied 7 years ago

I copied the folders modules and themes, and copied and rename file xmlbut in back office, theme not see