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  • ApolloTheme Ap Pagebuilder Module 26369 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews
    Version 1.0
  • Latest update March 18 2017
  • Compatible Prestashop 1.6.x
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Apollo Page Builder is the powerful module which follows Prestashop Standards and contains necessary features to build professional Prestashop sites in a few minutes.

Demo Back-end


If you want to try


Four Components of Apollo Page Builder

1) AP Profiles Manager

User can create different displays in anytime. For examples: In summer, you can create interfaces with beaches and sexy girl,  In winter you create interfaces with Santa and Christmas trees, during Halloween you can create web pages with a litter bit of horror. With multiple profiles function, you can easily do it.
–    This tool helps user manage all profiles in a shop.
–    Offering adjust visually editing interface through set of widgets (Live Editor)
–    With Quick view show the interface of user shop when they change or fix something else.
–    Display Screen has list all profile contained in shop so user just click for choosing profile to show or fix and When active a profile, your page will be loaded preview below.

2) AP Positions Manager
If you are developers, you create themes for sale, you can create multiple headers, contents and footers. The combination of this position will help you create a new profile can help your customers gain more choices. In addition, with the export and import tools, you can move the position from this template to another template easily.
–    Manage all positions of the profile system, it could be seen as supplementary tools for AP Profiles Manager.
–    1 profile can have many position this tool use to control theme as header, content, footer and product.
–    All position will be listed with its id, position, name and key in order to help user easily control. Moreover it has search and view button for users.
3) Apollo Widget Manager
Each position contains many widgets inside, the widgets are at the core of the site, the widget can be the product list, block html, slideshow, social block, and all have something to be integrated into our module, the powerful techniques of AP Page Builder according to Prestashop Standard (ONLY FOR APOLLO PAGE BUILDER).

Accordions: you can put widget in accordions
Alert: Alert Message box
Block Carousel: Show block in Carousel
Block Link: Create List Block Links
Blog: You can display blogs
Buttons: Custom color, size and create a link for button
Images of Categories: Choosing images for categories
Facebook: You can config Facebook like box
Font Awesome: Add a font Awesome
Full Slider: You can create inner slideshow
Generate Code: This function for web developer with tpl file
Google Map: Create a Google map
HTML: you can put HTML
Image: Single image
Image Gallery: Create images mini gallery from a folder
Image Gallery Product: Create images mini gallery from product
Instagram: You can config instagram box
Manufacturers Carousel: Show manufactures in Carousel
Product Carousel: You can select product from category
Product List: Create Product List
Raw HTML: You can put raw Html
Slide Show Module: You can get group from leoslideshow module
Slider Layer Module: You can group from Leo Slider Layer module to display
Tabs: You can put widget in tab
Twitter: You can config for display twitter box
Video: Embed video box.


4) AP Product List Builder
People can create many ways to display your products on your site based on this function. With easily drag and drop elements, you can move, sort and remove the contents inside the product block as image, price, add to cart button, name and so on. After creating, you can load product list builder into widget to display product as product carousel, product list and accordion.
–    This tool creates the layout interface for user to design their own interfaces for their product item. Any components in product items as price, review…
–    This is powerful tool, AP product list builder has list of widget for user and the rest of user just drag and drop these widgets needed.


5) Why should chose Apollo Page Builder?

With Four components of Apollo Page Builder, users can easily build their own site. In addition, convenient management simply drag and drop, the module will make your web content richer, more dynamic. One additional advantage is our module supports very good cache to help customer improve page loading time.

Our modules can run with the Prestashop version from 1.6 upwards and surely will support the latest version of Prestashop in future. Especially, Page Builder has visual preview on page, it shows hooks position of widgets or module added help user easily manage. Finally, user can do all the wonderful things on a single screen to save time and avoid errors.

With the last experiment, we have successfully built Apollo Page Builder module. In addition, we have started selling themes built from this module and received positive feedback from customers about Apollo Page Builder Module. To enhance the experience of the new prestashop module, we will now launch a FREE version to customers. But free version will not have full techniques as the PRO version.


6) What packages you should choose?

Single Domain $99:

In this situation, you are an e-commerce retailer, you have an online store and it is equivalent to a domain. Then this package is most suitable for you. With Apollo theme, you always get the best support programs.

Developer Unlimited Domain $200:

In this case, you are the owner of e-commerce store chain, with diversified commodities contains many domains. Develop Package is the best choice for you. Our module will be apply on all your domain stores with powerful function of Apollo Page Builder.

Themes Providers $1000:

With the last package, we aim to Prestashop Themes manufactures. Using Apollo Page Builder will help you save time and improve quality whereby increasing revenue. Apollo will install it for you. Besides that, you will have the copy right and update, support in lifetime.