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Prestashop Theme: Free vs Pro version What is the difference between the FREE and the PRO theme version? See below what you’ll get with the professional version Modules Appagebuilder Functions Limit widget Save Form Animations Specific Controller SubTabs Maximum(Qty) SubAccordion …


ApolloTheme Completed projects

Here is our list of completed projects: Shopify with specific topics as follows: I/ FASHION/ ACCESSORIES/ JEWELRY/ SHOES/BAGS 1. http://sealife.myshopify.com/ 2. https://karlahanson.com/ 3. https://thefabricsocial.com/ 4. https://meechs.co.uk/ 5. https://tann.com.au/ 6. https://www.bearstrength.co.uk/ 7. https://www.magnethik.com/ 8. https://calibotanicals.myshopify.com/ 9. https://meselondon.com/ 10. https://www.zipy.co.il/ 11. https://lyssloo.com/ 12. https://urbanleaves.de/ 13. https://www.pearldistributors.com/   II/ FOOD/ ORGANIC FOOD/FRUIT/DRINKS 1. https://www.koyara.com/ 2. http://muamy.vn/ 3. https://bariano.com.au/ 4. https://bella-vita-sonoma-staging.myshopify.com/ …


Product filter

Product Filter enables your users to easily perform complex filtering on your store’s products and quickly find the products they want. Thanks to this functional app, visitors can find your products faster. Increase sales by getting higher customer engagement on your store. The faster your customers can find specific products they are searching for the more likely they are to purchase.