The new Apollo theme framework has arrived

We are happy to announce that the theme framework we have been working on is eventually up and running perfectly along with the latest Shopify update, the sections functionality. The theme is designed to be innovative, futuristic and elegant. Many interesting features were added with the aim of providing a better user experience and easier to manage your online store.


Why do people shop on mobile?

Nearly 70% of online shopping happen via mobile phones. Why is it and what should e-commerce shop owners do? What is mobile? Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google, defined “mobile” as devices with screen smaller than 6 inches. This small but powerful tool is surprisingly the first device people turn to when they need …


How to recover shopping cart abandonment

Let’s see: Name? Done! Email? Done! Payment method? Done! Check out process is almost completed. Click on “Purchase” button and wait! wait! and wait! No Internet Connection. So, the customer just leaves the shop with no regret but it’s really trouble with merchants. The cart is ABANDONED! Another scenario may happen likes the customer loves …