Ap Bagu Prestashop Theme

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  • ApolloTheme Ap Bagu Prestashop theme 39886 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews
    Version 1.7
  • Latest update September 05 2017
  • Compatible responsive, ...
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Ap Bagu Prestashop Theme is fully responsive, well-designed for the use of e-commerce stores of different kinds, for instance, fashion stores, accessories stores and shoes stores, targeting diversified products. Developed with advanced and compatible adjustment functions, it is an ideal experience for users regardless of which devices they are using including desktops, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets, etc.

One outstanding feature of Ap Bagu is its pro ajax cart. Smart shopping cart provides an intuitive way to revise your product purchase with a simple click, which is powered with Ajax, a group of technologies allows you to change product data dynamically without the need to reload the entire page, which is convenient and time-saving. The cart can be viewed globally, leaving the comfort for customers, creating opportunities for raising up the sales.

Moreover, the obvious sections in this theme are divided in a simple, appropriate manner, such as popular products, customer review, etc, best showcasing your wide range of favorite, high-quality products and helping future customers make reference to those having hands-on experience during the decision-making process for buying the desired products. Furthermore, the presence of Quick View, Add to Compare, Add to Wishlist, Add to Cart is just what gives the customers the quickest way to visually select the right products in need.

Without further ado, get your hands on this Ap Bagu Prestashop Theme to make full use of it for your goal and customer satisfaction.